What Happened To Toya In My Hero Academia?

Similarly, What happened to Dabi in MHA?

Dabi’s scars are the result of a childhood freak accident. Toya, Endeavor’s oldest kid, had a quirk that was too great for his own body during a training session, and the flames overcame him. Toya’s flames surpassed those of his father, despite not having the exact fire/ice combo quirk that Endeavor had hoped for.

Also, it is asked, Is Toya Todoroki in the anime?

In the last moments of Episode 105, he returns to the anime, but it is shown that Toya has died away while Endeavor prays for him. # With its latest episode, MyHeroAcademy finally presented the long-lost Toya Todoroki! I’m excited to learn more about the anime (despite manga spoilers)!

Secondly, How old is Touya?

Dabi is 24 years old now, and he was 23 when we met him. We’ve moved on to Winter, but Touya is still 13, so we haven’t yet reached his birthday (January 18)

Also, Is Dabi a villain?

In the pages of My Hero Academia, Dabi is set to disclose his wicked past. The manga’s most recent chapter prepares Dabi to tell his brother Shoto Todoroki what occurred between the time he allegedly perished in his own flames and when he ultimately gave up on being Toya Todoroki and became a villain.

People also ask, How old was Endeavor when Touya?

Toya would have been born when Endeavor was around 19 years, 1 month old, between 15 or 21 months before Endeavor reached #2 and had his “epiphany” (personally, I believe 21 is more plausible, since 15 would imply he made it to #2 on his first time even hitting the top 10).

Related Questions and Answers

Is Touya Todoroki’s brother?

Touya is the older brother of Shouto and the son of Enji (Endeavor) and Rei Todoroki.

Does Touya have an ice quirk?

Toya, unlike Shoto, can release ice and flame from any area of his body, and with more force. Those areas of his body that were unharmed by the flames were protected by his ice quirk.

What day is Dabi’s birthday?

When you learn that Dabi’s birthday is January 18th, and that the kanji for 18 is “Touya“.

Why did Dabi start bleeding?

It’s something he can’t stop, no matter how hard he tries, and his emotions spiraling out of control is what caused his accident. As a result, he burns his tear ducts to the point that he can no longer weep. save for blood.

Did Dabi burn his tear ducts?

Since his tear ducts burnt up when he “died,” Dabi has been unable to weep, both literally and metaphorically.

Why is Endeavor abusive?

The monster guy was so determined to defeat All Might that he tricked Rei into a Quirk marriage in order to produce an heir capable of defeating All Might. When his first children failed to meet his expectations, he abandoned them until Shoto was born. Shoto was trained to fight from an early age by Endeavor, who abused him along the way.

Will Bakugo be number 2 hero?

While there has been no official declaration or suggestion that Bakugo would be the number two hero, there are several clues that he may be. One is that he has a strong and distinct personality. Bakugo’s quirk has shown to be powerful, even when compared to Midoriya’s talents.

What is Bakugos hero name?


What’s Dabi’s favorite food?

Tomura like spaghetti, whereas Dabi prefers burgers.

Is Shigaraki Deku’s brother?

Shigaraki refers to him as “little brother,” but that’s just his All for One remnant showing. However, it may not just be an unusual occurrence for them. Deku is Shigaraki’s adopted younger brother if All for One is Deku’s father, Hisashi.

How did Dabi’s hair turn black?

His hair darkened and became red after being taught by Endeavor and pushed to utilize his quirk, as shown in the anime while he is playing with Fuyumi and Natsuo. Then, as he became Dabi, he freely used his quirk throughout the years, turning his hair black.

What was Toya Todoroki’s quirk?

SPOILERS for My Hero Academia Chapter 301 are ahead! While Toya was born with a more stronger flame quirk than Endeavor, it was determined that his physique was based on his mother’s ice quirk, which was designed to survive cold temperatures rather than flame.

Is Shoto and Dabi brothers?

Dabi is one of My Hero Academia’s supporting villains. He was once a member of Vanguard Action Squad and was affiliated with the League of Villains. In the Forest Training Camp and Pro Hero arcs, he was the main adversary. Toya Todoroki is his true name, and he is Shoto Todoroki’s elder brother.

Can Dabi be redeemed?

It all depends on how you define redemption and your own personal beliefs, but in fiction, many, much worse individuals have been redeemed. Dabi’s placement in a mental hospital is the ideal “bitter sweet” finale. His family is welcome to come visit from time to time.

Why does Dabi have staples?

Dabi’s scars are the result of a childhood freak accident. Toya, Endeavor’s oldest kid, had a quirk that was too great for his own body during a training session, and the flames overcame him.

What is Hawks birthday MHA?

Hawks was born on December 28th, making him a Capricorn by astrological sign.


The “how did toya todoroki die” is a question that has been asked by many fans of the anime. The answer can be found in chapter 3 of volume 1 of the manga.

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