What Happened To Andy’s Dad In Toy Story?

We all know Andy’s dad is no longer around in the Toy Story franchise, but what happened to him? Let’s take a look at the possible theories!

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Andy’s dad’s job

Andy’s dad is never seen or mentioned in the Toy Story movies, but it’s implied that he works long hours. In Toy Story 3, we see a photo of him in his firefighters uniform, which leads us to believe that he is a busy man.

The family’s move

In Toy Story, Andy’s dad is never seen or mentioned. Some fans have speculated that he might have died, but the truth is that he just isn’t a part of the story.

When Toy Story was first released in 1995, Andy’s dad was originally going to be a part of the story. In early versions of the script, it was said that he had recently passed away and that the family was moving from their home in order to start anew. However, the writers decided that this plot point wasn’t necessary for the story and so it was ultimately cut from the film.

While we may never know what happened to Andy’s dad, it’s safe to say that he is not a part of the story because he is not needed for the plot.

Andy’s dad’s health

Andy’s dad’s health is something that is never addressed in the Toy Story franchise. In the first movie, it is implied that he may have some sort of mental illness, as he is seen talking to himself and has a lot of family photos hidden in his closet. However, it’s never said what exactly is wrong with him.

In Toy Story 3, Andy’s dad is seen briefly in a flashback scene, but his face is not shown and his voice is not heard. This has led to speculation among fans that he may have passed away between the second and third movies.

While we don’t know for sure what happened to Andy’s dad, it’s clear that his absense has had a profound effect on both Andy and his toys.

Andy’s dad and Woody

Andy’s dad is never seen in the Toy Story films, but there are a few clues about his character. Woody mentions in the first film that Andy’s dad used to have a sheriff’s badge when he was a kid. Based on this, it’s possible that Andy’s dad is a law enforcement officer. In Toy Story 3, it’s revealed that Andy’s mom is named Emily, so his dad could possibly be named Andy Sr.

Andy’s dad and Buzz

Andy’s dad is never seen in the Toy Story movies, but he is mentioned a few times. In the first movie, it’s revealed that he got Buzz Lightyear for Andy’s birthday, which caused some tension between Woody and Buzz. In Toy Story 3, it’s mentioned that Andy’s dad had to work on his birthday, so he couldn’t be there when Andy blew out his candles.

Some fans have speculated that Andy’s dad might be dead, but this has never been confirmed. It’s possible that he just works a lot or lives far away from Andy. We may never know for sure what happened to him, but it doesn’t really matter – he’s not a key character in the story.

The family’s financial situation

Andy’s dad is never seen in the Toy Story movies, but there are some clues about his whereabouts.

It’s never explicitly stated, but it’s heavily implied that Andy’s dad is no longer around because he and Andy’s mom got a divorce. This would explain why Woody refers to Andy as a “lone ranger” in Toy Story 3 and why Bonnie’s mom says that Bonnie needs a “male role model” when she gives Woody to Bonnie at the end of the movie.

It also explains Mrs. Davis’ comment in Toy Story 2 about how hard it is to find good child care. She says, “When I was Andy’s age, I never had to worry about who was watching me or if I was being safe. Nowadays, it seems like there’s so much to worry about.” This could be interpreted as a reference to the fact that she no longer has a husband to help her with raisingAndy.

Andy’s dad’s relationship with Andy

Andy’s dad is never shown on screen in the Toy Story movies, but his presence is felt throughout. In the first movie, Woody says that Andy’s dad used to have a cowboy toy named Woody when he was a kid. This is likely a reference to when Andy’s dad was a child in the 1950s. The second movie shows a photo of Andy and his dad on an outing to a baseball game. In the third movie, we see that Andy’s dad has given him a Woody doll from his own childhood.

It’s clear from these small details thatAndy’s dad loves him and is interested in his hobbies. He is also supportive of Andy’s imagination, as seen in the second movie when he helps Andy build a rocket ship out of cardboard boxes.

We can infer from these details that Andy’s dad is a good man who loves his son dearly.

The family’s relationship with Woody

Andy’s dad was never really shown in the movies, but there were a few allusions to him. In Toy Story, it is clear that Woody is Andy’s favorite toy and he is very attached to him. This is likely because Woody was a gift from Andy’s father, who died shortly after giving it to him. In Toy Story 3, Woody talks about how he used to belong to Andy’s father and how he was passed down to Andy.

The family’s relationship with Woody changes over the course of the three movies. In the first movie, Woody is shown to be resentful of Andy’s new favorite toy, Buzz Lightyear. However, by the end of the movie, Woody has come to accept Buzz as part of the family and they are shown to be friends. In Toy Story 3, Woody is shown to be very protective of Andy’s toys and goes above and beyond to make sure they are taken care of.

The family’s relationship with Buzz

Andy’s dad is super supportive of his son and everything he does – including playing with toys. He even goes out and buys Buzz Lightyear for Andy without hesitation, despite the fact that he knows Woody isAndy’s favorite toy.

When Woody and Buzz get into a fight and Woody gets knocked out the window, it’s Andy’s dad who finds Woody and puts him back in Andy’s room. He even tries to repair Woody when he sees that he’s broken.

When Andy’s toys are mistakenly donated to a daycare center, it’s Andy’s dad who goes to retrieve them. And when Woody and Buzz end up getting lost in the wilderness, it’s Andy’s dad who comes looking for them in a helicopter.

In short, Andy’s dad is a pretty great guy – especially when it comes to understanding and supporting his son’s love for his toys.

Andy’s dad’s death

Most people who have watched Toy Story will remember the emotional moment when Andy’s dad sadly passes away. However, the details surrounding his death are never really explained in the movie. So, what exactly happened to Andy’s dad?

There are a few possible theories. One is that he died of natural causes, possibly due to an illness. Another theory is that he committed suicide, which would explain why Woody and the other toys are so reluctant to talk about him. It’s also possible that he was killed in a car accident, which would explain why Andy’s mom is so protective of him and doesn’t want him to play with toys anymore.

Ultimately, we may never know what really happened to Andy’s dad. But whatever the case may be, his death was clearly a very traumatic event for Andy and his family.

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