What Are Toy Haulers?

An RV called a “toy hauler” has a “garage” in the back with a big ramp-door for access. Fifth wheels and travel trailers are the most typical toy transporters, while certain RVs may also function in this capacity.

Similarly, What are toy haulers used for?

Nowadays, the toy hauler, often referred to as sport utility recreational vehicles, is one of the most well-liked RV travel trailers that we offer (SURVs). These vehicles were designed largely to transport the toys of their owners, which may include everything from motorcycles to golf carts to snowmobiles to personal watercraft.

Also, it is asked, Why are they called toy hauler?

RVs known as “toy haulers” include a garage specifically designed to transport outdoor recreation “toys,” such as dirt bikes, canoes, mountain bikes, kayaks, and ATVs. They make packing for an RV journey much more effective and do away with the need for an additional rack or trailer.

Secondly, What is the difference between a fifth wheel and a toy hauler?

Toy hauler models are available for both travel trailers and fifth wheels, however the fifth wheel versions will have higher ceilings in the garage area to accommodate bigger toys.

Also, Is it worth buying a toy hauler?

It combines family time and entertainment to the best of both worlds. A double benefit! When families are traveling together or when friends are meeting up with their own families, toy haulers are the best kind of RV to choose. Kids may have their own hangout place while adults can have their own thanks to the space split.

People also ask, Can a toy hauler carry a car?

Here is what we learned after doing the study. Your best hope for fitting in a toy transporter is to choose lightweight and small vehicles. The vehicle must not only fit in the garage, but it must also not exceed the weight capacity of the toy transporter and its ramp.

Related Questions and Answers

What should I know about toy haulers?

Depending on the manufacturer and brand, a toy hauler is a kind of RV that may be pulled either as a fifth wheel or as a travel trailer. The open garage area at the rear of the vehicle is what makes a toy hauler special. In order to make loading, unloading, and access to your toys simple, the RV’s rear unfolds into a ramp.

How many people can sleep in a toy hauler?

six persons

Can you live in a toy hauler?

A toy hauler is essentially a cross between a cargo trailer and a vacation trailer, in case you’re not acquainted. Typically, they feature living areas with furniture that folds up so that your preferred “toy” may be parked inside (a kitchen, a bathroom, bedrooms, and a sitting area) (ie: a quad, motorcycle, side by side, etc.)

What can you haul in a toy hauler?

Toys may range in size from smaller goods like ATVs, golf cars, small boats, or even tiny automobiles to bigger ones like recreational vehicles like motorcycles, mountain bikes, canoes, and kayaks.

How do toy hauler campers work?

The time spent loading stuff is cut down since a toy hauler RV combines an equipment trailer and a mobile home into one unit. You’ll have a place to sleep and more time to spend outside. There is a little kitchen in the main living space of these carriers. You’ll probably discover a bed.

Are toy haulers safe?

Transport That Is Secure When transporting your powersports vehicle or other valuables, a toy hauler is significantly safer than an open bed trailer. Additionally, they are shielded from the snow, rain, and muck.

Will a jeep fit in a toy hauler?

A Jeep Wrangler will fit in a toy hauler, that much is true. That is, assuming the toy hauler garage is big enough in all three of its dimensions and the toy hauler can support the weight without breaking. Before attempting to put your Jeep into a toy hauler, it is essential to measure it.

What size is a toy hauler?

The majority of toy transporters will be between 96″ and 102″ wide and 160″ to 168″ tall. Any toy hauler that exceeds the top range limit is regarded as an oversize vehicle and is subject to specific road-travel regulations.

How many ATV can fit in a toy hauler?

What class is a toy hauler?

Class A toy haulers are typical Class A recreational vehicles with a ramp leading to the garage in the back. There are many garage sizes for towable toy haulers. Class A toy carriers, however, often have 10-foot garages. These can accommodate a golf cart or many motorbikes.

Can you sit in a toy hauler while driving?

Riding on a travel trailer or fifth wheel is severely discouraged due to their lack of safety measures. Carrying people back there may be avoided, and should not be done, unless your trailer is outfitted with the correct seat belts and safety equipment.

Can dogs ride in a toy hauler?

Six labs and I used to travel hundreds of miles together, and they did great. In my opinion, putting them in your trailer is OK. Just my two years’ worth of experience! My toy hauler is usually occupied by my dogs.

What motorhome can I drive on a car licence?

Your automobile driving license (category B) will often be adequate to operate the smallest RVs and campervans weighing less than 3,500kg. Drivers who passed before the category’s date-dependent (01/01/1997) modification may operate any vehicle and trailer combination up to 8,250kg MAM.

What is easier to pull 5th wheel or travel trailer?

The general assumption is that fifth wheels are more maneuverable than other types of travel trailers, with the exception of tiny ones like teardrop campers. It may be simpler and perhaps even safer to pull a fifth wheel.

How much do toy haulers weigh?

Unloaded, toy haulers may weigh anywhere between 3,600 and 11,400 pounds, with an average of about 7,600 pounds. Toy haulers often have a bigger cargo capacity than other trucks since they are designed to handle smaller vehicles. 10,000 pounds is approximately typical.

Are toy haulers heavy?

When empty, toy haulers typically weigh between 3,500 and 11,500 pounds, with an average weight of roughly 7,500 pounds. Some of the biggest toy haulers weigh more than 20,000 pounds empty. A little transporter can typically carry 10,000 pounds of material.


Toy haulers are used to transport toy cars, trucks, planes and other toys. They allow children to play with their favorite toys while they are in the car or on a road trip.

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